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Our Recommended Irrigation Brands


The TORO Company was launched 100 years ago. Listed on the New York Stock Exchange, it is the leading manufacturer of mowing, turf renovation and irrigation equipment in the world. TORO has built its reputation on superior customer care and constant innovation. It is a global success story with over 100 distributors around the world.

TORO recognises that water is a vital resource and invests heavily in products and services that promote and facilitate water conservation.

Its water management tools include high technology irrigation systems with computerized controllers, valves, sprinklers and micro-drip irrigation systems. TORO developed the first gear-drive and valve-in-head sprinklers and has earned an unrivalled reputation for reliability and performance.

TORO irrigation products and systems offer a number of benefits:

  • Proven in the Residential, Commercial / Sportsfields, Golf, Agricultural and Industrial markets.
  • TORO is the first choice for most leading golf courses. Over 70% of the world’s top golf courses choose TORO - like the world-renowned Augusta National Golf Course in the USA or St Andrews in Scotland.
  • TORO’s SitePro system with T Map is the most user friendly and powerful control system in the market.
  • TORO’s after sales support through NSN and its factory warranties are first class.

In New Zealand, all the quality golf resort courses developed in the last decade have chosen the unbeatable TORO and Parkland combination.

Pope Pope

From humble beginnings in a backyard shed in 1925, the Pope brand is now synonymous with creating and maintaining beautiful gardens right across Australia and New Zealand. Pope products are reliable and guaranteed to perform.

Pope is part of the international TORO group – a brand synonymous with outstanding irrigation and turfcare landscapes around the world. So Pope has the size and strength to ensure the very best in products, solutions and expertise for at least another 80 years!


As the world's best irrigation manufacturer, TORO invests heavily in product research and innovation for the horticultural, viticultural and agricultural markets. TORO Ag’s comprehensive range includes Drip-In, Aquatraxx, drippers and a wide range of mini-sprinklers. Many of their products are the result of decades of research, development and manufacturing with an emphasis on quality, long-term durability and excellent value for money. TORO factory-trains Parkland’s irrigation team in all design and backup support requirements.

Irritrol Irritrol

Irritrol is a TORO brand of landscape irrigation products, the most significant of which are controllers and valves. Irritrol Controllers have been the contractor’s choice for reliability and ease-of-use for years with over 40 models to choose from. New products are continually being developed – for example, the revolutionary PC Control which works with a personal computer.

Otterbine Otterbine

Parkland is New Zealand’s distributor of Otterbine.

Motorola Irrinet Motorola Irrinet

Parkland is New Zealand’s distributor of Motorola IRRInet, radio-controlled central satellite systems. IRRInet is used to manage water movement in parks, median strips, golf courses, horticultural lands, agricultural pastures and across entire cities.


Heron is a British electronics company specialising in the design and development of irrigation control equipment. Heron offers a broad range of 4 to 96 station irrigation controllers for use in horticulture, farming and landscape applications. Their reputation has been built on controllers that are exceptionally reliable, easy to use and can be customised to match the exact needs of your installation.

One-Off Requirements

Where customers have a specific need not met by the above brands, Parkland will source components within New Zealand or from specialist suppliers on a transactional basis.