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Home Lawn & Garden Irrigation

Home Lawn & Garden Irrigation

Do It Yourself Irrigation Systems

Know what garden watering you need and happy to install it yourself?

Then we recommend Pope products for cost-effective, quality watering systems in gardens of all types and sizes. From a sprinkler or hose to fully automated controllers and everything in between – Pope does it all. And with the need for water conservation, Pope has a range of products that help home owners save this precious resource.

Every Pope product comes with a manual, installation guide and clear instructions. They’ll show you how you can use irrigation to achieve the garden of your dreams - while conserving water!

Do It For Me Please!

Parkland’s nationwide network of certified irrigation experts will help you achieve your landscaping dream.

You can rest easy knowing that they deliver the best, most effective design build service for any irrigation system. Our team of professionals work to your requirements and budget, using only the best products - guaranteed.

Ongoing Support – Parkland’s local irrigation expert will provide ongoing maintenance, problem solving, parts replacement and upgrades.

Contact your nearest Parkland Irrigation Specialist